Receptionist Intense

Intense stretch routine for receptionists.


  • Seated hamstring stretch

    seated hamstring stretch

    Sit with your back straight and legs together, preferably bent to make it easier to keep your back straight. Lean forward upper body, strive to bring the stomach towards your thighs. Bulge with your bottom and lift up your chest. Exhale and extend the legs if possible and feel it tightens in the buttocks.

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  • Seated back stretch

    seated back stretch

    Sit down with bent or straight legs depending on your mobility in the the hamstrings , better focus on a comfortable position with your knees bent rather than compromising on technique. Round the back, then slide back like a cat and extend the neck.

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  • Chest stretch

    chest stretch

    Sit or stand firmly in basic position, fold your hands behind head and move elbows backward while pressing the chest, lower the shoulders and relax. Breathe deep breathes and keep the shoulder blades lowered during the entire exercise.

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  • Cat stretch

    cat stretch

    Kneel on all fours and arch your back to lengthen the spine. Tuck the tail. Breathe deep breaths and relax a bit more with every breath.

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  • Straight back stretch

    straight back stretch

    Start from a kneeling position, lean forward your upper body and reach arms forward. Place the the stomach on your knees, relax and breathe deep breaths to stretch the back muscles.

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  • Lying quadriceps stretch

    lying quadriceps stretch

    Lie down and tighten the abdominal muscles, grab both ankles and move the feet towards the rear. Strive to keep your knees together.

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  • Lying shoulders and chest stretch

    lying shoulders and chest stretch

    Lie on your stomach, fold your hands behind your back, tighten your abdominal muscles and press chest forward. Keep shoulders back and move the hands and arms away from your body to stretch the chest and shoulder muscles.

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