Some frequently asked questions that Caroline has answered:


Q: What to eat to get in shape?
A: To get in shape eating healthy is half the work. Eat small portions about every third hour during awake time. Cut down on sugar and eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. See the eat list and meal plan sample for inspiration. Eating right will give you the energy to workout and the results you want.

Poworkout Trim & Tone and Poworkout Ball & Band

Q: What exercises are good to start with?
A: Click on "alternative" to find modifications for each exercise (in the app).

Q: How long shall my warm up last?
A: Keep it short, save your energy to the workout. The purpose by warming up is just to get the muscle temperature up, get the body ready to workout and prevent injuries.

Q: What is the best time of the day to workout?
A: The best time is whenever your body feel energized. Favorable in the morning to make sure it gets done as planned and not cancelled do to spontaneous activity.

Q: What do I do if I'm not able to perform the easiest alternative?
A: Do your best, anything is better than nothing, you will get stronger by keep training! Be proud of what you accomplish and keep a workout journal to keep track of your feelings and development.

Q: How many times should I be working out in a week?
A: Start by training one Poworkout three times a week, for example monday, wednesday and friday. Expand to one Poworkout a day five days per week or training two Poworkouts each time three times a week.

Q: How to get fast results?
A: Focus on training with best technique, it is better to do less repetitions with correct technique than many sloppy ones. Do not worry to much about the number of repetition, the most important thing is always the technique, feel it in your body, focus and actually work your body.

Q: How to stay motivated?
A: Keep in mind why you workout, do it because you want to and for yourself. The time spent working out is a fabulous investment! Make your workout as enjoyable and fun as possible, listen to your favorite music, choose an inspiring environment and together with people you like.

Q: Will I get big muscles by training Poworkout?
A: You do not have to worry about getting big muscles, that takes years of detailed planned eating and training. Poworkout will trim your body and make you stronger.

Poworkout Trim & Tone specific

Q: What is a good workout routine to start off on for a beginner?
A: Workout routines 1, 3, 6, 7, 11 & 12 contains exercises that are extra good to start out with.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A: No equipment needed when training with Poworkout Trim & Tone, all you need to shape up is your body and proper workout clothes and shoes.

Q: How do I warm up?
A: Warm up by walking or running in place or by training the low impact version of Poworkout-routine number 11 - exclude the jumping and get up on your toes instead.

Q: How to burn fat?
A: Poworkout-routines 11 and 12 are cardio focused. Combine them with one or two of the other Poworkout routines. Or combine any Poworkout with 20-40 minutes power walking, running, cycling for example.