Stretch routine containing exercises to increase flexibility in hamstrings.


  • Standing hamstring stretch

    standing hamstring stretch

    Start in standing position, place one foot's heel in the ground a bit in front of the body and lean forward your upper body, keep back straight. Bend leg's slightly, lift up your chest and arch your back a little. Tighten abdominal muscles to stabilize.

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  • Hamstrings standing

    hamstrings standing

    Bend forward slowly with your back straight, bend the the legs while leaning forward upper body and then stretch legs slowly and in control when upper body hanging down. Avoid Bend forward slowly with your back straight, avoid hyperextending the knee joints.

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  • Hamstrings standing feet together

    hamstrings standing feet together

    Start in standing position, bend knees slightly and lean forward, keep your back straight until it tightens on back of thighs.

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