Shoulder Sculpt

Form and firm your shoulders by using these exercise band exercises.


  1. Shoulder Front Raise

    shoulder front raise

    Stand on your knees and place the band under them. Find your suitable resistance. Start the exercise holding your arms by your sides or lifted half way, the start position is where there is a slight tension in the band. Raise the arms right in front of you, to shoulder height. Keep your elbows a little bit bend.

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  2. Shoulder Press

    shoulder press

    Place yourself on your knees and sit back on your feet, put the band under the legs. Press chest forward, start with your elbows by your sides and position the hands just above shoulder height. Push hands above your head, straight up from your shoulders. Return slowly.

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  3. Horizontal Rotation

    horizontal rotation

    Hold the band in shoulder height, with both hands, move one of your elbows backwards and rotate your body. Use muscles on the back of your shoulder. Keep arms parallel to ground and make the movement horizontal.

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Shoulder Sculpt is 1 of 33 workout routines in Poworkout Ball & Band.

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