Core Cast

A mix of exercises for your back and abs for a stronger core.


  1. Plank Pose Feet on Ball

    plank pose feet on ball

    Place yourself in pushup position, with arms straight and your hands placed underneath the shoulders. Ball placed under your feet. Tighten all muscles in your body, particularly abs and butt muscles. Keep your body in a straight line from head to toes.

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  2. Lower Back Lift

    lower back lift

    Place yourself on the ball, face down with feet and hands in ground. Keep both feet in the ground the entire exercise. Contract the muscles in your lower back and slowly raise your upper body. Hold the position two seconds and release down slowly. Keep neck straight throughout the movement.

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  3. Crunch Feet to Ball

    crunch feet to ball

    Lie on the ground with your feet up and hold the ball above your head. Tilt pelvis by pressing your belly toward the spine. Using your abs, lift legs and hips up by reaching the feet up toward the sky, continue the movement until your feet touch the ball. Hold one-three seconds and release in control.

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Core Cast is 1 of 33 workout routines in Poworkout Ball & Band.

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