Chest Push It

Train and challenge your chest muscles - for better posture and a stronger upper body.


  1. Pushup Thighs on Ball

    pushup thighs on ball

    Place hands in ground and your thighs on the ball. Position elbows close to your sides and lower slowly, push your body back up using mainly muscles on the back of your arms. Involve abs, glutes and back to tighten the whole body and keep it straight throughout the movement.

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  2. Pushup Hands on Ball

    pushup hands on ball

    Place hands on the ball 2-4 hand-widths out from sides and knees or toes in ground. Contract every muscle in your body and press up body using mainly chest muscles. Lower slowly. Keep body straight the entire movement.

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  3. Chest Press

    chest press

    Place the band under the ball and grab it with both hand. Lie down with your back on the ball, start with your elbows bent and your hands next to your chest. Push up towards the sky and straighten your arms out in front of you in chest level. Return slowly.

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Chest Push It is 1 of 33 workout routines in Poworkout Ball & Band.

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