Power Posture

Works on your flexibility, strength and ability to do rotations. This leads to a stronger, more elegant posture - and you will be making a more powerful impression only with your appearance. This leads to a stronger, more elegant posture and more poise.


  1. Plank Rotation

    plank rotation

    Place yourself in plank position, hands in ground beneath your shoulders. Straight body from head to toes. Tighten abs and glutes to hold up your body. Reach elbow up toward the sky and slowly twist upper body back, look the same direction. Hold 1-3 seconds, return slowly and repeat other side to count one repetition.

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  2. Triceps pushup

    triceps pushup

    Start laying face down, place hands and knees or toes in ground. Position elbows close to your sides and push up your body using mainly muscles on the back of your arms. Involve abs, glutes and back to tighten the whole body and keep it straight throughout the movement. Lower slowly.

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  3. Stretch combo

    stretch combo

    Standing on your knees, put your hands together behind your back and straighten arm. Lift up and press chest forward while pressing shoulder blades together. Hold 10 seconds before you move the butt back toward feet and reach arms above head, placing hands in ground. Hold second position for 10 seconds and you are done with the first repetition.

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Power Posture is 1 of 24 workout routines in Poworkout Trim & Tone. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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