Kick Back Challenge

Works rear legs and the butt - gets you a stronger and more toned lower body.


  1. Squat - back kick

    squat - back kick

    Start in standing position. Sit back in squat position, hold and place your body weight on one foot. Push back up on one leg and slowly kick back opposite leg using your glutes. Hold 1-3 seconds. Sit back down and repeat on other side to complete one repetition. The kick movement is small but effective.

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  2. Vertical jump

    vertical jump

    Place feet hip-width apart and sit back and make a halfway down squat, jump straight up in the air, as high as possible. Develop the movement from your ankles, using the calf muscles. Land toes first and sit back down in 45 degree squat directly. Keep abs tight entire set.

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  3. Fast feet

    fast feet

    Start with feet hip width or slightly wider. Make small but fast running steps in place, focusing on the pace, run as fast as you can, each foot in contact with the ground as short time as possible. Lift the knee in every step. Work with your arms at the same time to activate the entire body and bring up the intensity even more. Tighten your abdominal muscles.

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Kick Back Challenge is 1 of 24 workout routines in Poworkout Trim & Tone. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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