Jump Challenge

Bounce and shape! Jumps strengthens your bones and works your muscles very effectively.


  1. Wide-stance squat jump

    wide-stance squat jump

    Place feet twice hip-width apart and toes pointing slightly outward. Keeps abs tight and sit back in squat position, as you sit in a chair. Lower until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Contract your glutes and jump up forcefully as high as possible. Land toes first and sit back down directly.

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  2. Jumping jacks

    jumping jacks

    Stand up strong with feet together and jump to a position with the legs placed wide. Knees and toes pointing slightly outward. Jump back directly to the position with feet together. Bring arms to sides or above your head when jumping.

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  3. Bounce jump

    bounce jump

    Start in standing position, sit back in a 45 degree squat. Jump up and forward, land 2-4 feet in front in a halfway squat. Jump back right away and repeat.

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Jump Challenge is 1 of 24 workout routines in Poworkout Trim & Tone. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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