High Knee Challenge

Get your knees up, work on your cardio, get faster and burn fat. Knee lift exercises are also very good for your back because the spine moves dynamically in each lift.


  1. Squat - knee lift

    squat - knee lift

    Sit back in squat position, hold and place your body weight on one foot. Push back up on one leg and lift opposite knee up to 90-degrees and hold 1-3 seconds. Sit back down directly and repeat on other side to complete one repetition.

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  2. Rotating knee lift

    rotating knee lift

    Start in a strong standing position, strong core, lift one knee and rotate it toward the opposite elbow, also rotate your torso. Step down the foot and repeat with the other side. Bring your knees up as high as possible. Remember to keep the spine straight, the exercise also improves the mobility in the spine as a bonus.

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  3. Knee lift - rear lunge

    knee lift - rear lunge

    Start in standing position with feet hip-width, slightly bent knees. Keep abs tight for balance. Lift one knee up 90-degrees. Go directly backward with same knee and lower it toward ground and perform a rear lunge. Lower front leg into a squat position, keep knee behind toes. Lift same knee back up directly from low.

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