Crunch Challenge

Crunch challenge - make your abs muscles stronger your belly look flatter.


  1. Crunch


    Start laying down with your lower back pressed down to the ground and your knees bent. Squeeze belly button toward the spine and curl your shoulders toward your pelvis by using the abdominal muscles. Hold 1-3 seconds before you return.

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  2. Reverse Crunch Straight Legs

    reverse crunch straight legs

    Lie on the ground with your feet up. Tilt pelvis by pressing your belly toward the spine. Using your abs, lift legs and hips up by reaching the feet up toward the sky, hold 1-3 seconds and slowly release.

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  3. Leg Lift in Plank Position

    leg lift in plank position

    Start in plank position, on your toes or knees. Tighten your abs muscles and lift one leg, do your best to do it without moving any other body parts. Lower the foot and lift the other leg. Keep the hips parallel to the floor (be careful not to tip the hips to one side as you lift the leg). Focus on keeping the hips parallel to the ground, tighten your abs muscles all the time.

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