Core Challenge

A strong core and better body control makes you get more out of all training. This mix gives you a stronger core.


  1. Reverse Crunch

    reverse crunch

    Start laying on the ground with your knees up 90 degrees. Tilt pelvis by pressing your belly toward the spine. Contract your abs, lift legs and hips up by bringing knees in toward the chest, hold 1-3 seconds and slowly release.

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  2. V-sit


    Start in a seated position, curl up and bring your knees in so you almost reaches your toes. Contract abs and keep them tight, lift chest up and lengthen the spine. Imagine making a “V” using your thighs and upper body.

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  3. Side Plank Position Hip Lift

    side plank position hip lift

    Lay on the side, place one forearm and elbow in ground, straight beneath your shoulder. Lift up to straight body from head to parallel knees or toes. Tighten abs and glutes to hold up your body. Lower hips and lift up using your obliques on side nearest ground.

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Core Challenge is 1 of 24 workout routines in Poworkout Trim & Tone. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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