Total Body Intense - Advanced

Intense stretch routine to increase flexibility in your body.


  • Lying gluteus stretch

    lying gluteus stretch

    Lie on your back with your lower back into the ground, place one ankle on opposite knee. Grasp of or behind the knee where the foot is placed on and pull in your knee towards upper body.

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  • Hamstring stretch 20-45

    hamstring stretch 20-45

    Sit with your back straight and legs angled outward, slightly bent - lift your chest up. Lean forward and stop at 45 degrees or when it will begin to tighten in the back of the thighs, keep back straight and stretch the legs, exhale, relax and feel the muscles stretch.

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  • Rolling back stretch

    rolling back stretch

    Lie on your back, get with your knees towards your chest, extend the legs over your head and lower them slowly downward until it tightens the lumbar spine. The exercise also stretches gluteus and back of legs.

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  • Chest stretch

    chest stretch

    Sit or stand firmly in basic position, fold your hands behind head and move elbows backward while pressing the chest, lower the shoulders and relax. Breathe deep breathes and keep the shoulder blades lowered during the entire exercise.

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  • Lying quadriceps stretch

    lying quadriceps stretch

    Lie down and tighten the abdominal muscles, grab both ankles and move the feet towards the rear. Strive to keep your knees together.

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  • Hamstring stretch 45-90

    hamstring stretch 45-90

    Sit with your back straight and legs angled outward, slightly bent, lift up your chest. Lean upper body forward if possible, stay where you feel that it tightens the buttocks and inhale deep breaths.

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  • Lying shoulders and chest stretch

    lying shoulders and chest stretch

    Lie on your stomach, fold your hands behind your back, tighten your abdominal muscles and press chest forward. Keep shoulders back and move the hands and arms away from your body to stretch the chest and shoulder muscles.

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Total Body Intense - Advanced is 1 of 60 stretch routines in Poworkout Stretch. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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