Total Body Express - Advanced

Fast stretch routine to increase flexibility in your body.


  • Rolling back stretch

    rolling back stretch

    Lie on your back, get with your knees towards your chest, extend the legs over your head and lower them slowly downward until it tightens the lumbar spine. The exercise also stretches gluteus and back of legs.

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  • Straight back stretch

    straight back stretch

    Start from a kneeling position, lean forward your upper body and reach arms forward. Place the the stomach on your knees, relax and breathe deep breaths to stretch the back muscles.

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  • Kneeling quadriceps stretch

    kneeling quadriceps stretch

    Start from a kneeling position and stride forward, get down with the rear leg knee against the ground, place lower part of the thigh on ground. Grasp the ankle and move heel towards the rear. Press hips to the ground and tighten buttocks.

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Total Body Express - Advanced is 1 of 60 stretch routines in Poworkout Stretch. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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