Basic Strength Torso Hips Core

Improves and develops hips and core strength and upper body's ability in interacting.


  1. Peeing Dog

    peeing dog

    Stand on all fours and tighten your abdominal muscles to have a strong and stable torso as you lift the leg.

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  2. Plank Pose

    plank pose

    Start laying face down on the ground, places forearms and elbows beside your chest. Lift body up to form a bridge standing on you hands or forearms and toes or knees. Make sure elbows are placed in a straight line beneath your shoulders. Keep back flat and your hips alined with legs and upper body.

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  3. Push combo

    push combo

    Begin in the starting position, lying face down on your stomach. Put your arms and hands in pushup position (choose wide or narrow), strong posture and activate the abdominal support. Keep body tight - keep knees, thighs, torso in a straight line. Push away from the floor, up to almost straight arms. Move the butt toward your heels to get into the stretch exercise child pose (common in yoga). Lower the butt toward the heels and the chest toward the floor as you extend your arms forward, above the head. Take a deep breath, keep abs strong, activate pelvic floor muscles and lengthen the spine. Reverse the exercise, come back up to straight arms and lower in control.

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Basic Strength Torso Hips Core is 1 of 20 workout routines in Poworkout Mama. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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