Balancing Lower Body Strength

Exercises that activate and strengthen butt muscles and back of legs.


  1. Reversed good mornings

    reversed good mornings

    Start in a strong standing position. Lean forward with your upper body to get into the start position with hands on the floor. Lift legs up alternately, the foot towards the ceiling. Keep your upper body in the same position and keep the hips straight. Reverse and come back down with your leg, switch legs and repeat.

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  2. Side Squat Heel Raises

    side squat heel raises

    Stand feet together, lift one foot and step sidewise. Lower directly into squat position. Press back up to centre using glutes. Feet together and get up on your toes, do one heel raise. Get up on your toes in centre between each side squat. Repeat using other foot.

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  3. Balance Exercise

    balance exercise

    Balance training is great to strengthen and stabilize the muscles around the pelvis. Focus on keeping your pelvis straight, keep your hips in a straight line, parallel to the ground. Tighten abs and glutes to keep the hips in the right position. Start in strong standing position, feet hip-wide apart, knees slightly bent, strong abs, chest up, shoulders relaxed. Breathe in and activate abs and pelvic floor muscles on exhalation. Keep them strong an activated throughout the exercise. Lift one knee forward, hold pelvis horizontally all the time. Strive to 90 degrees in your hip and knee, but start with a smaller lift in the beginning. Press front leg backwards, push the foot back and down while stretching the leg (use your glutes), keep hips in line. Do knee lift again. Put foot down in the starting position and repeat with the other leg.

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