Stabilizing Hips and Core

Strengthens and stabilizes the hips and abs function.


  1. Plank Rotation

    plank rotation

    Place yourself in plank position, hands in ground beneath your shoulders. Straight body from head to knees. Tighten abs and glutes to hold up your body. Reach elbow up toward the sky and slowly twist upper body towards the ceiling, look the same direction. Hold 1-3 seconds, return slowly and repeat other side.

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  2. Peeing Dog

    peeing dog

    Stand on all fours and tighten your abdominal muscles to have a strong and stable torso as you lift the leg.

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  3. Static Hip Lift

    static hip lift

    Begin laying on your back and place your feet as close to your butt as possible. Squeeze butt muscles and lift your hips up to a bridge. Hold the position and squeeze butt muscles as much as possible. Lower in control.

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