Butt, Hips & Stability

Provides a more toned butt and develops your stability in the hip section.


  1. Wall Ball Squat

    wall ball squat

    Place a ball between your lower back and a wall, step forward and place your feet so that you will be able to do squats and keep toes in front of the knees (during the entire movement). Do squats, lower the butt toward the floor while holding up the upper body, keep the ball against the wall (the ball will roll vertically against the wall in the movement). Check so your knees and toes are pointing in the same direction. Squat down to 90 degrees angle in knees or deeper if you feel you have the strength and control.

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  2. Leg Press Exercise Band

    leg press exercise band

    Start in the basic position on all fours, place the exercise band under your hands and around one foot. Place hands directly beneath the shoulders. Keep your back as straight as possible. Press your foot straight backwards. Start with leg bent over the body, activate the muscles in the butt and squeeze the heel straight back, pull knee in and repeat. Remember to keep abs tight and your lower back neutral.

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  3. Sit On Ball

    sit on ball

    Sit on the exercise ball with your feet placed on the floor. Sit tall, make yourself as tall as possible. Relax your shoulders, lower and drag pull them back slightly as you push your chest forward. Sit on the ball and tighten the abdominal muscles by pulling your belly button in towards the spine, as if to parry a boxing bang. You activate the abdominal muscles automatically when you sit on the ball, to keep the balance.

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Butt, Hips & Stability is 1 of 33 workout routines in Poworkout Ball & Band.

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