Leg Press Exercise Band

leg press exercise band


Start in the basic position on all fours, place the exercise band under your hands and around one foot. Place hands directly beneath the shoulders. Keep your back as straight as possible. Press your foot straight backwards. Start with leg bent over the body, activate the muscles in the butt and squeeze the heel straight back, pull knee in and repeat. Remember to keep abs tight and your lower back neutral.


Go for performing the exercise using as great body control as possible, work on your technique in front of a mirror sometimes - the better training technique, the more effective your muscles will be working.


Change the resistance by varying the tension of the exercise band, you can change it during a set, if you need or want to. Start out a set making some tougher repetitions, and finish the set with less resistance.

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Works the muscles in the back of your legs and butt, as well as stability in the hip area.


Caroline Nilsson is your personal trainer showing you how to do Leg Press Exercise Band.

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