Ab Drum Up

Good variety and challenge for your abs muscles - gives you results.


  1. Ball Reverse Crunch

    ball reverse crunch

    Lie down and press your lower back toward the exercise mat and place arms by the side. Squeeze the stability ball between your knees, tighten the abdominal muscles and lift your butt off the floor. Move your thighs in the direction of your chest, and the ball toward the chin. Use your ab muscles and reverse slowly and in control on the way back down.

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  2. Oblique Crunch on Ball

    oblique crunch on ball

    Lie down on the ball and place your feet on the ground. Press down your lower back into the ball. Activate your abdominal muscles, lift up both or one of the shoulders and rotate to the side. Return to the middle and twist to the other side to complete one repetition.

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  3. Bridge Pose on Ball

    bridge pose on ball

    Place yourself on the ball, with your shoulder blades on it. Lift your hips up and hold your body in bridge position. Tighten abs, butt muscles and the back of your thighs. Squeeze your butt and pull your belly in towards your spine.

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Ab Drum Up is 1 of 33 workout routines in Poworkout Ball & Band.

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