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These translations are made for the Swedish users to help them pick the right workout routine when reading our workout schedules in English.

Engelska Svenska
Fab Abs Platt Mage
Belly Work Muskulös Mage
Back Blitz Stark Rygg
Core Force Stabil Mitt
Power Posture Elegant Hållning
Toned Legs Slanka Ben
Firm Bum Fast Rumpa
Booty Shape Formad Rumpa
Explosive Body Explosivstyrka
Total Body Mix Helkroppsmix
Athletic Cardio Atletisk Fettförbränning
Functional Fat Burning Funktionell Fettförbränning
Toned Arms Tonade Armar
Lunge Challenge Utfallsutmaningen
High Knee Challenge Knälyftsutmaningen
Plank Challenge Plankutmaningen
Core Challenge Coreutmaningen
Crunch Challenge Crunchutmaningen
Cardio Core Konditionscore
Core Shape Corestyrka
Squat Challenge Benböjsutmaningen
Jump Challenge Hopputmaningen
Skater Challenge Skridskoutmaningen
Kick Back Challenge Baksidabenutmaningen

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