Cardio Core

Works your core and gets heart beats up - sweaty workout to develop a stronger core.


  1. Mountain climber

    mountain climber

    Start in plank position, lift body up to form a bridge standing on you hands and toes. Keep abs tight, lift one foot from ground and slowly bring knee up to your chest. Make sure hips stay parallel to ground the whole movement. Return foot to start position and alternate side to complete one repetition.

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  2. Lower Back Lift

    lower back lift

    Place yourself laying face down with arms along the sides. Keep both feet in the ground, contract the muscles in lower back and slowly raise your upper body. Hold the position 2 seconds and release down slowly. Keep neck straight throughout the movement by looking into the ground.

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  3. Kneeling Leg Press

    kneeling leg press

    Place yourself on knees and hands, keep abs tight, keep knee bent 90 degrees and sole of foot upward. Lift one leg upward toward the sky using your glutes and lower back muscles. Hold 1-3 seconds, lower slowly and repeat with same leg.

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Cardio Core is 1 of 24 workout routines in Poworkout Trim & Tone. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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