Upper Body Intense - Moderate

Intense stretch routine to increase flexibility in upper body.


  • Triceps stretch

    triceps stretch

    Sit or stand in the basic position. Bend one arm, place it behind your neck, put your hand on the spine and align elbow straight up. Grasp the stretching elbow with the opposite hand gently and squeeze arm backward.

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  • Rolling back stretch

    rolling back stretch

    Lie on your back, get with your knees towards your chest, extend the legs over your head and lower them slowly downward until it tightens the lumbar spine. The exercise also stretches gluteus and back of legs.

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  • Back of shoulders stretch

    back of shoulders stretch

    Start from a sitting or standing position and extend one arm in front of the body. Grasp arm using the other arm's hand. Forward with chest and move the straight arm towards the chest.

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  • Seated back stretch

    seated back stretch

    Sit down with bent or straight legs depending on your mobility in the the hamstrings , better focus on a comfortable position with your knees bent rather than compromising on technique. Round the back, then slide back like a cat and extend the neck.

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  • Chest stretch

    chest stretch

    Sit or stand firmly in basic position, fold your hands behind head and move elbows backward while pressing the chest, lower the shoulders and relax. Breathe deep breathes and keep the shoulder blades lowered during the entire exercise.

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  • Seated lateral stretch

    seated lateral stretch

    Tip upper body aside and extend the movement by reaching your arm, slide hip of stretching side outward to reinforce the stretch. Avoid twisting your pelvis - tilt it to the side.

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  • Lying back stretch

    lying back stretch

    Lie down with lower back in contact with ground and move the knees toward your chest to extend and stretch muscles in the back and lower back.

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