Lower Body Express - Advanced

Fast stretch routine to increase flexibility in lower part of the body.


  • Gluteus stretch leaned forward

    gluteus stretch leaned forward

    Start from a kneeling position, place one knee in front of the body and support using your hands and arms. Keep back leg stretched straight back and press the hip towards the ground.

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  • Lying quadriceps stretch

    lying quadriceps stretch

    Lie down and tighten the abdominal muscles, grab both ankles and move the feet towards the rear. Strive to keep your knees together.

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  • Kneeling hip twist

    kneeling hip twist

    Start in a kneeling position, place one leg in front of you. Push hips forward and up to until you feel a stretch in the front of the hips, and groin. Make the stretch more intense by reaching up arm of the stretching side.

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Lower Body Express - Advanced is 1 of 60 stretch routines in Poworkout Stretch. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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