Dance Stretch

Stretch routine for dancers to increase flexibility.


  • Gluteus stretch leaned forward

    gluteus stretch leaned forward

    Start from a kneeling position, place one knee in front of the body and support using your hands and arms. Keep back leg stretched straight back and press the hip towards the ground.

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  • Seated lateral stretch

    seated lateral stretch

    Tip upper body aside and extend the movement by reaching your arm, slide hip of stretching side outward to reinforce the stretch. Avoid twisting your pelvis - tilt it to the side.

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  • Deep calf stretch

    deep calf stretch

    Start from a kneeling position and sit back towards your heels with your bottom and place one foot into the floor so that your toes line up with the knee that is in the ground. Place your body weight on the sole of the foot and stamp down the heel. Lean forward, lift the buttocks from the heels, think that the knee of the stretching leg should move slightly forward and down, without the heel leave the ground.

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  • Chest stretch

    chest stretch

    Sit or stand firmly in basic position, fold your hands behind head and move elbows backward while pressing the chest, lower the shoulders and relax. Breathe deep breathes and keep the shoulder blades lowered during the entire exercise.

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  • Kneeling hip twist

    kneeling hip twist

    Start in a kneeling position, place one leg in front of you. Push hips forward and up to until you feel a stretch in the front of the hips, and groin. Make the stretch more intense by reaching up arm of the stretching side.

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  • Hamstring stretch 45-90

    hamstring stretch 45-90

    Sit with your back straight and legs angled outward, slightly bent, lift up your chest. Lean upper body forward if possible, stay where you feel that it tightens the buttocks and inhale deep breaths.

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  • Kneeling quadriceps stretch

    kneeling quadriceps stretch

    Start from a kneeling position and stride forward, get down with the rear leg knee against the ground, place lower part of the thigh on ground. Grasp the ankle and move heel towards the rear. Press hips to the ground and tighten buttocks.

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  • Back of neck stretch

    back of neck stretch

    Sit or stand in the basic position with a good posture, lower the shoulder blades and exhale. Tip the head obliquely forwards, downwards. Lower your chin in the direction of one breast.

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  • Hamstring stretch 20-45

    hamstring stretch 20-45

    Sit with your back straight and legs angled outward, slightly bent - lift your chest up. Lean forward and stop at 45 degrees or when it will begin to tighten in the back of the thighs, keep back straight and stretch the legs, exhale, relax and feel the muscles stretch.

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  • Neck side stretch

    neck side stretch

    Stand with a good posture and extend the spine. Tip the head to the side and imagine that you to put your ear towards shoulder, press down the opposite arm. Keep both shoulders lowered. Look ahead.

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  • Rolling back stretch

    rolling back stretch

    Lie on your back, get with your knees towards your chest, extend the legs over your head and lower them slowly downward until it tightens the lumbar spine. The exercise also stretches gluteus and back of legs.

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