Standing side stretch

standing side stretch
Caroline Nilsson is your personal trainer showing you how to do Standing side stretch.


This exercise stretches the hip and outside of thigh. Start in the standing position with your feet together. Cross legs and place the weight on the front leg. Press foot's posterior hip laterally outwardly and forwardly, extend arm on the same side up and tilt your upper body aside. Tighten abdominal muscles for support.


When this muscle is too short, you can feel the pain on the outside of the knee when running. The cause is an inflammation of the tensor fascia latae and can sometimes be prevented with this stretch.


Tighten buttocks to increase the stretch effect.

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Tensor fascia latae and Latissimus dorsi.


Cross legs, the weight on the front leg.

Press back foot's hip laterally outward and forward, lean your upper body to the side.

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