Tougher Full Body

More challenging exercise combo for mother's body that has become stronger.


  1. Wide Stance Squat

    wide stance squat

    Basic technique is same as in squats, place feet twice hip-width apart. Toes pointing slightly outward. Keep abs tight to support your back. Sit back as you do when sitting down on a chair. Lower until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Press your hips back up powerful from your heels.

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  2. Lunges


    Stand up and place feet hip-width apart, step straight forward (maintain the hip-width between your feet), place knee right above the ankle and put 70% of your body weight on the front leg. Lower knee on back leg toward ground and establish an upright line from upper body via hips and thigh on back leg. Use the glutes in front leg, squeeze them to get back up.

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  3. Y Back Extension

    y back extension

    Start laying face down with arms above your head, open up arms as the letter Y. Activate your lower back muscles, lift upper body and arms from the ground. Hold the position, work the upper back by squeezing shoulder blades together and contract all muscles in upper back as much as possible. Release and lower slowly.

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Tougher Full Body is 1 of 20 workout routines in Poworkout Mama. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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