Dynamic Back

Preventing tension and back pain with dynamic flexibility and strength training.


  1. Seated Dynamic Flexibility

    seated dynamic flexibility

    Sit with your legs bent and back straight. Lift the chin so the neck is placed as a natural extension of the spine. Breathe in and exhale as you move of your chest forward and lower your shoulders and lean forward. Lift your arms and hold them in front of you, activate the abdominal support and lean back slightly. Exhale and move your arms towards the sealing, while you sit in a more upright position. Do small, controlled movements. Keep abs tight all the time - the goal of this exercise is mobility training in the upper body.

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  2. Lying Back Stretch

    lying back stretch

    Lie on your back with your lower back into the floor, round the back and hug your legs. Move your body a little in the position, it feels normally more comfortable than holding the stretch completely static. Breathe a few deep breaths and feel your back muscles relax. Relax also in the shoulders area and neck. Breathe and relax and extend your spine.

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  3. Lying Back Rotations

    lying back rotations

    Lie on your back with your lower back towards the floor, lift one knee to the stomach, keep lumbar contact with ground. Rotate your knee past the body down towards the floor, you don’t need to come all the way down to the floor, go as far as you feel you have control. Come back up, keep abdominal support all the time and squeeze the lower back to the floor. Change legs and repeat.

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