Core and Upper Body

Strengthens and stabilizes the upper body and core.


  1. Side Plank Pose

    side plank pose

    Start laying on your side, place one forearm and elbow in ground, straight beneath your shoulder. Lift up to straight body from head to parallel knees or toes. Tighten abs and glutes to hold up your body. Focus on lifting with obliques on side nearest ground.

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  2. Knee Push Ups

    knee push ups

    Start laying face down, place hands 3-4 hand-widths out from sides and knees or toes in ground. Tighten every muscle in your body and press your body off the ground using mainly chest muscles. Lower slowly. Keep body straight the entire movement, abs tight.

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  3. Triceps Dips

    triceps dips

    Sit on the floor and place your hands behind you, fingers pointing forward and bent arms. Upper body straight and strong. Or, if you use a chair, start in with arms straight. Stretch your arms and lift your body, use triceps muscles. If you do the exercise on a chair - bend arms. Keep the abs tight. You can choose whether you want to start the exercise in the position with arms bent or arms straight, try and see what feels best for you. It may be easier to get into the right technique in the starting position with arms bent at the beginning.

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