Body Awareness

Better body awareness provides a better effect of your training.


  1. Mindset Exercise

    mindset exercise

    Most important to succeed is to set the right expectations. It’s possible to live an active lifestyle even with kids, give yourself some time to get into the new life installation - find solutions that work for you and your family. Learn to cheer on yourself. Unless you believe in yourself, who will? 1: Make your own motivational mantra to get in a positive attitude to your body after pregnancy and childbirth, or use the example below. 2: Repeat your motivational mantra several times a day. Repeat it even more often when it feels tougher. Repeat, repeat, repeat. 3: Write your motivational mantra on a note and place where you can see it - at the front door or on the mirror for example. Or add it as a recurring reminder on your phone. Example motivation mantra: "The body changes during pregnancy - but it can be changed again. And I can do it!"

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  2. Seated Dynamic Flexibility

    seated dynamic flexibility

    Sit with your legs bent and back straight. Lift the chin so the neck is placed as a natural extension of the spine. Breathe in and exhale as you move of your chest forward and lower your shoulders and lean forward. Lift your arms and hold them in front of you, activate the abdominal support and lean back slightly. Exhale and move your arms towards the sealing, while you sit in a more upright position. Do small, controlled movements. Keep abs tight all the time - the goal of this exercise is mobility training in the upper body.

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  3. Crouch Down

    crouch down

    To crouch down is a natural movement. It’s a resting position in Asia but not in the West - since many people simply stop doing it at some point when growing up. Start in a standing position, squat down naturally, start gentle and take it easy if you are not used to it. Use a chair or wall for support in the beginning. Try to find a comfortable position, move your body a little in the position, it’s usually more convenient than trying to sit totally still. Get up when you feel you have been squatting long enough. Repeat.

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