Standing Position

standing position


Stand strong with your feet placed hip width apart and your toes slightly outward. Have soft knees and a neutral lumbar. Keep your head up and remember that your neck is an extension of the spine. Lift shoulders up - move them backwards - lower and relax. Tighten the abdominal support (also called abs control) by pulling your belly button toward your spine. Your breathing will help to activate your abs muscles, work with powerful exhalations, imagine you "blowing the trumpet" or sounding letter "S" aloud. Keep back straight. To correct spine position - stand up straight and try to make yourself as tal as possible, a few centimeters taller. Relax but keep your strong posture.


A proper basic standing position is the best way to get faster results from your training. Practice your strong standing position at home in front of the mirror every day. The basic standing position is also the starting point for good posture in everyday life.


Once you been training a while and start to get a stronger posture, you can concentrate more on the details and get an even better and more open posture. Like this: Keep your arms at your sides when standing still. Move your arms freely and naturally when walking. When sitting, strive to sit upright without using the seat back or armrest.

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Most of the body's muscles are involved when you have a good posture. A good posture gives you power!

Caroline Nilsson is your personal trainer showing you how to do Standing Position.

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