Repeated good mornings

repeated good mornings


Stand on one leg, bend the lifted leg in the beginning, and once you get the hang of the exercise you can do it with straight leg. Place most of your body weight on the heel on standing leg. Bend in hip area and push back the butt at the same time, keep the hips straight (parallel to the floor) (avoid tipping the hip in any direction). Start with smaller movement, you're going to get deeper by practicing this exercise regularly. Bend forward and raise up again using the muscles in your back and butt. Keep the leg lifted off the floor and repeat again with the same side. Switch legs after so many repetitions that you think feels good, 3-5 reps per leg usually feel good. Good mornings standing on one leg, is a great exercise for back and hip stability.


Stand so you can steady your hands on a stool or chair in the beginning.


Pregnant recently? Wait a little bit with this exercise until you got started with mom workout properly.

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Works butt muscles, lower back, hip stability and balance.


Caroline Nilsson is your personal trainer showing you how to do Repeated good mornings.

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