Dynamic Abs Punches

dynamic abs punches


Stand in a strong standing position, punch your thighs slightly (sit back in a half squat). Raise up to start position and punch gently with your hands on your stomach and feel how your abs activates. Repeat. Once you get going, try hitting the floor instead of on your thighs.


This exercise will help you get better at activating the abs muscles properly.


Be careful when punching, the physical contact is supposed to make the movement more concrete, to make it easier to connect with the right abdominal muscles. To learn to know how and when the abs muscles are activated correctly.

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Pulse raiser that strengthens the transversus abdominals.


Caroline Nilsson is your personal trainer showing you how to do Dynamic Abs Punches.

This exercise is 1 of 30 exercises that are included in the app Poworkout Mama.

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