Abs Control

abs control


Lie on your back with your hands on your stomach so you feel how your abs are working. Breathe in through your nose. Make a powerful exhalation and feel how the inner abdominal muscles get activated (exhale through the mouth). On the exhalation - imagine that you get a boxing punch in the stomach. By thinking so, you automatically activate the right abs muscles. The more powerful you exhale, the more you activate the abs muscles. Also try sounding letter "S" aloud or think that you blow the trumpet on each exhalation (this will help to get the hang of it).


Place one or both hands on the stomach to feel the muscular activity. Train abs control and abdominal support daily. If you have a baby - she och he can participate and lie on your chest or beside you.


When you feel ready, feel free to add the kegel exercise and also activate the pelvic floor muscles at the end of each exhalation. But start out by focusing 100% on the abdominal support.

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Recreates contact with the abs muscles and improves your body awareness. Helps abdominal muscles to work as they are created for.

Caroline Nilsson is your personal trainer showing you how to do Abs Control.

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