Sweat Abs

Makes your abs sweat, it will be worth it - for a flatter front!


  1. Prone Jackknife

    prone jackknife

    Start in a pushup position and place your shins and the tops of your feet on a stability ball. Hold your hands a little bit wider than shoulder wideness and keep arms straight. Tighten your abs, hold the back straight and bring your knees towards your chest. Squeeze abs as much as you can and slowly roll the boll back to starting position.

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  2. Plank Pose Feet on Ball

    plank pose feet on ball

    Place yourself in pushup position, with arms straight and your hands placed underneath the shoulders. Ball placed under your feet. Tighten all muscles in your body, particularly abs and butt muscles. Keep your body in a straight line from head to toes.

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  3. Plank Abs Roll Out

    plank abs roll out

    Begin on your knees, forearms on top of the stability ball. Activate your abs, keep the hips stable and arms straight. Roll out the ball. Hold the position for two seconds and the return to the start position by using your abs.

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Sweat Abs is 1 of 33 workout routines in Poworkout Ball & Band.

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