Rear Shoulders

Focus on the back of the shoulders will make your shoulders stronger and your posture better.


  1. Laying Shoulder Pull

    laying shoulder pull

    Lie down with your back on the ball, grab the band and start with your arms straight up towards the sky. Open up and pull down arms to chest level using the back of your shoulders. Return slowly.

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  2. Ball Seated Row Shoulders

    ball seated row shoulders

    Sit on the ball to challenge your core muscles more, or on the floor. Loop the band around your feet to create suitable resistance. Start with straight arms, pointing at your toes. Pull back and bring your elbows to shoulder height, keep moving elbows backward and press your shoulder blades together. Hold 1-3 second and release slowly.

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  3. Single Arm External Rotation

    single arm external rotation

    Hold the band fixed by your side with one hand. Use your other hand to work the back of your shoulder. Bend elbow and place upper arm by your side. Keep elbow by your side and rotate the hand out as far away as comfortable. Return slowly.

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Rear Shoulders is 1 of 33 workout routines in Poworkout Ball & Band.

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