Back & Shoulder Stability

Works your back, shoulder muscles and stability of the shoulders.


  1. External Rotation

    external rotation

    Grab the exercise band and keep the arms close to your body, forearms pointing straight ahead. Lower your shoulders, chest forward (strong and proud). Imagine that you have a newspaper clamped in each armpit, which should remain there during the entire exercise.

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  2. Seated Row Exercise Band

    seated row exercise band

    Sit on the floor, keep your back straight and your abs strong. Place the exercise band around your feet and adjust to the right resistance. Begin with arms straight, pointing toward your toes, place elbows right next to your waist. Lower shoulders, chest forward and move elbows backwards and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold 1-3 seconds and return slowly to the starting position. Hold and squeeze 3-5 seconds if you feel super strong.

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  3. Seated Shoulder Row Exercise Band

    seated shoulder row exercise band

    Sit in seated basic position, wrap the exercise band around your feet, cross and grabb. Bend your legs slightly so that you can sit with your back straight up. Chest up and shoulders lowered during the entire movement. Activate muscles at the back of the shoulders and bring elbows backwards and up in shoulder height. Squeeze the shoulder blades and the muscles at the back of your shoulders, keep your upper arms parallel to the ground. Slowly reverse the movement back to starting position.

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Back & Shoulder Stability is 1 of 33 workout routines in Poworkout Ball & Band.

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