Ball Plank

ball plank


Place your elbows on the ball, tightening the abdominal muscles and find the balance - pull your belly button in towards your spine and tighten your abs for support. Breathe deep breaths in this plank position and tighten your abdominal muscles a bit more at each exhalation. Keep core and hips active (it is common to "drop" the hips, so suck your belly button in to avoid "hanging bridge position" (you recognize this technique error by a strange feeling in your lower back).


Keep in mind that your elbows should be in line with the shoulders.


Perform the exercise standing on your knees the first times you do it, to practice and improve your balance and technique. Then try to start each set doing the plank on the ball standing on your toes instead of the knees, then switch quickly to knees and finish the set.

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Plank exercises involves the entire core, the ball adds an additional balance challenge and makes your abs work differently and more.


Caroline Nilsson is your personal trainer showing you how to do Ball Plank.

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