Ball Pike Plank

ball pike plank


Place yourself in plank position with your thighs or feet on a training ball. Pull your navel towards your spine and tighten the "corset" (abdominal muscles you use when you cough for example). So, the starting position is a regular plank with feet or thighs placed on the ball. Now, make a pike with your butt and exhale forcefully while tightening the abdominal muscles even more - so that the butt moves 6-12 inches in the direction of the roof. Use the abs power as you exhale so that the butt goes up, thinking that someone lifts up the tail at the same time. Pull your belly button toward the spine even more to get the power of the abdominal muscles in sync with the powerful exhalation. Return to starting position (the plank) as breathing in, while keeping abs tight (be careful not to go too deep with the stomach, that can cause back pain).


Work actively to develop your training technique, practice in front of a mirror so you can see what you're doing. If experience pain in the lower back when doing this exercise, you need to pull your belly button even more in the lower position.


The exercise gets tougher with the ball positioned under your feet, and easier with the ball under your thighs.

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Activates transversus extra in combination with the active exhalations. The exercise develops strength in the entire core.


Caroline Nilsson is your personal trainer showing you how to do Ball Pike Plank.

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